How to log onto the Intranet

You can use your existing notes email address and password to log into the A1 intranet. You can access the log in page via the intranet, or by CLICKING HERE. You can also view instructions on how to log on below.

How to Log On

Step 1

Click on the link to the A1 Intranet, either through the Australia One website menu, or the link at the top of this page.

Step 2

For existing AUE users – enter your notes email address ( and the password you usually use to log into the AUE Intranet, then click CONNECT. For AUE users, that’s all you need to do.

For new AUS users – enter your notes email address (, don’t worry about a password at this stage. Instead, tick the “I’m New” box, then click CONNECT.

Step 3

After you click connect, you’ll see the message below. Head over to your email inbox and follow the instructions emailed to you.

Step 4

Once you log in with your notes email address and new password, you’ll see the screen below.

Be sure to hit the “Shortcut” button in the top right hand of the screen, and then, if you would like to change your password you can do so in “Settings” in the left hand menu.

From the A1 Intranet page (below), you can access documents stored on the intranet by clicking “Documents”


That’s it, you’re ready to go!

If you need any assistance, you can send us an email through the Australia One Inbox: or