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  • Interim Brand Guidelines – Download now!
  • National Website Launch
  • Active Officer Allowances, Benefits & Grants
  • Coming soon – Pulse Survey 5
  • Support for you in the Australia Territory
  • HoD Profiles – Major Deborah Robinson and Major Jenny Begent
  • And much more!


Interim Brand Guidelines – Download now!

The Interim Brand Guidelines are now available to download on

The guidelines provide practical instruction on the way that we express our brand, like using our logo, as well as guidance on font, colours and our brand voice. They also include document and PowerPoint templates for your use.

Please begin to use the new guidelines for brand expression and email any queries to:

If you have never logged on to the intranet, please follow the instructions here:

National Website – is now live!

Our national website demonstrates a single Australia Territory with an aligned vision and united voice. The website combines content and features from the former AUE and AUS websites.

“The launch of the website is a great success story for the Army and makes it easier for our communities to go online and find information about our services.  It’s the result of months of hard work and I’d like to give a big thanks to the team for working through and solving many complex challenges,” said Lt. Col. Neil Venables, Secretary for Communications.

Congratulations to members of the national website project team: Jarrod Newton, Julia Fung, Don Agahari, Stewart Brown, Isabel Sandercock-Brown, Lucas Kelly, Mel Cotton, Rebecca (Becci) Flint, Lauren Stevens, Ryan Hook, Nisha Prajapati and Tim McNeill.

The program would also like to recognise the contributions of the following people who formed part of the extended project support team: Pamela Lam, Brianna Hinojosa, Jason Giuffre, Daniel Harris, Claire Schnackenberg, Samantha Marsh, Selina Squibb, Jeanette Holowiuk, Melissa Fisk, Ben Craig, William Win, Amanda Xie, Jordan O’Brien, Maria Bastian, Gaurav Uppal and Jodi Kuriata.


A reminder….

Here are some links to Salvos resources and webpages to bookmark for easy access:

MySalvos – (NSW, ACT & QLD)

SArmy – (VIC, TAS, SA, NT & WA)



National Website –


On 1 February 2019 the new policy governing the payments of approved allowances, benefits and grants to active officers in Australia came into effect. This is the first of a suite of new national active officer policies for the Australia Territory and replaces 22 separate minutes and policies from the former AUE and AUS territories.

The other officer personnel policies to be implemented in coming months are:

  • Active Officer Leave Policy
  • Retirement and Provisions Policy
  • Active Officer Quarters Policy

And policies under development include:

  • Active Officer Service Provisions Policy
  • Active Officer Development Policy

Information about relevant changes to these policies will be communicated as they’re implemented.

Please direct any questions to your local Officer Personnel Secretary or email


 Have your say! The next Pulse Survey is coming in just two weeks!

The Pulse Survey is an opportunity for Salvos throughout Australia to share their thoughts and experiences of the transition to our Australia Territory.

Pulse Survey 5 will be open 4 March to 12 March

Salvation Army Lotus Notes uses will receive an email with a link to the survey on 4 March. The survey will also be accessible to soldiers, adherents and volunteers and information about the survey will be shared on Salvation Army social media.


Meet Major Deborah Robinson, the Head of Eva Burrows College

What was your first experience with the Army?

My family immigrated to Australia from Belfast, Northern Ireland, and my parents decided to enrol me and my sister in Sunday school. It ended up being a Salvation Army Sunday school in Dee Why on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

How did you decide to be an Officer?

I was compelled, I experienced what we refer to as ‘the calling’ when I was in my late teens. I was watching a preacher speak and had such a strong feeling of “that will be you someday.”

Tell us more about Eva Burrows College (EBC)?

Eva Burrows College is the dedicated learning centre for The Salvation Army in Australia. We’ve got great culture and excellent facilities across our campuses, both at Ringwood and at Bexley North, and a fantastic online presence.
We have five main streams that work together in creating learning pathways:
1. Higher Education
2. Vocational Training
3. Officer Formation
4. Learning and Development
5. Support Services

What are you passionate about?

It goes back to education and the EBC purpose, “we are about empowering and encouraging all for life, mission and service.”

What is your focus in the coming year?

I want to make learning more accessible. Having our lecturers travel, or using new technology to make it easier for Salvos to access education is something that is integral to our services. While Officer Formation is incredibly important, EBC offers many more pathways that are about empowering and encouraging you in life, mission and service. I want Salvos to make us their first point of call for all their learning and training needs.

What do you do to relax?

I’m generally not great at relaxing! I do love reading though, and going on walks.

Do you have anything to say to Salvos at this time?

Come join us!
We all have such capacity to learn new skills and expand our knowledge. The bible encourages us to be continuously transformed by the renewal of our minds, and at EBC we’re proud to provide pathways into learning.


We met with Major Jenny Begent to talk about the Australia Territory

How did you come to be a part of the Army?

It was a Sunday, my two siblings and I were playing in the front yard of our house and the teacher for the local Salvos Sunday school walked past on her way to class and saw us. She asked my mum if we could join in and we decided to come along.

What’s been happening in Social Mission?

We have a new department design to give a structured, focused approach to social programs across the Australia Territory. We’re ensuring that we have specialists managing each stream, and we’re working closely with other departments in the Mission portfolio, especially Policy, Research and Social Justice (PRSJ) and Community Engagement.

Are there any particular areas of focus or any goals this year?

We’re working closely with PRSJ to have processes that respond to research and data, and also to have strong, evidence-based reasoning behind our mission expressions.
This will strengthen The Salvation Army’s ability to influence governments at all levels by providing rigorous evidence-based research around our areas of expertise in Australia. We are a partner with government as we support and invest in people throughout Australian communities.
We can also work to strengthen our national voice with other NGOs, not to work in competition, but in a way that makes our influence more effective across Australia.

Describe yourself in three ways?

Feminist – I’ve been a strong, proud supporter of gender equity for many years now.
Non-judgemental – I accept people as they are. I like to be present and in the moment, when I’m with someone.
I love the colour pink – anyone who’s wandered past my office will have noticed!

How do you like to relax?

I enjoy swimming, I’m also an avid reader and I always carry a book wherever I go. I love going to theatre and opera; Melbourne is a great city for it.
I absolutely love to go op shopping as well.

What would you like to say to Salvos around the country at this time?

Hold fast to hope. We’re in the messy middle of a phenomenal transition which is structural, social and spiritual. We all need to keep our eye on the final goal, which is to make the services we provide as effective as possible for the communities we serve.



From Monday 7 January to Friday 29 March 2019, The Transition Support Team will provide some additional support tools to assist Salvos as we begin our new chapter as the Australia Territory:

  • Transformation How-To GuideAll employees and officers can now access a Transition How-To Guide with key information about the Territory, contact information and answers to common operational questions under the Australia Territory, from HR and finance to property and Chaplaincy.
    Staff based in the former AUE can access the guide from the intranet and staff in the former AUS can access it from the Lotus Notes Bulletin Board.
  • Questions –If you don’t know where to go or who to ask regarding any Australia Territory operational enquiry, please send an email to our national email address or, and the team will promptly seek answers on your behalf. The Australia One mailbox will be monitored during business hours until Friday 29 March 2019
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