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    • Landmark day for Aged Care in The Salvation Army
    • Supporting our people through the transition
    • 100 days – days 51-75 now available!
    • Social Program Review update
    • HoD Profile: Craig Tucker

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Landmark day for Aged Care in The Salvation Army 

As of Thursday 1 November, Aged Care in The Salvation Army in Australia is officially a national enterprise – another key milestone to celebrate on the journey to become the Australia Territory.

Richard De Haast, National Director, Aged Care said, “This day marks the beginning of the journey and in the coming months we will continue to build on this foundation as we fully integrate and share and implement what is best practice across the nation.”

To watch Richard’s welcome to the teams at Linsell Lodge in Adelaide, Healthlink in Adelaide and Seaforth Gardens in Perth, please click on the clip above.

Supporting our people through the national transition and into 2019

From Monday 7 January to Friday 29 March 2019, The Transition Support Team will be providing some additional support tools to assist Salvos as we begin a new chapter as the Australia Territory.

1. Mailbox 
A dedicated team will closely monitor the Australia One mailbox every day during business hours from 7 January to 29 March 2019. If you have a question and you don’t know where to go or who to ask about operating as a national territory, please send the team an email using our existing addresses: or

We will monitor these addresses and be back in touch as quickly as we can with answers to your questions.

2. Transition Operations Guide
As we head towards the end of 2018, all employees and officers will have access to a Transition Operations Guide that will include key information about any changes, points of contact and answers to commonly asked questions about how things will operate under an Australia Territory. The guide will be available towards the end of December – stay tuned for more details.

Watch this space

The Finance department, supported by EPMO is currently working on the way that we can create one set of financial accounts that reflects the financial performance of the Australia Territory to 30 June 2019. In the works is also a new management reporting tool – Power BI – which initially will be used to generate more transparent and reliable reporting for the Board and EMC. The exciting part is the plan to use Power BI to build linkages with the Service and Mission Information System (SAMIS) data so we can connect the financials with the non-financials to better understand the impact of The Salvation Army on the communities that we serve.

Update on Social Program Review (SPR) – Disability Support Services

Following on from the review of our social programs, we’ve decided that the best way to support our clients with disabilities is to find a new specialist service to provide operational management services for: The Salvation Army Individual Lifestyle Support Service (SAILSS) Darling Downs, SAILSS Brisbane, Algate House (Broken Hill) and Creative Opportunities (Brunswick).

We have started to look for like-minded organisations that have the capability and commitment to provide high quality services for people with disabilities. There are no immediate changes to staff employment conditions and residents, participants, carers and families can expect to continue to receive the best possible level of care and support.

The SPR takes into account a number of factors including where the Army’s resources can be directed to have the greatest missional impact. We’ve realised that the best way to support clients with disabilities in the long term is to ensure that the operational management is undertaken by a specialist provider, while we continue to provide pastoral care, such as ongoing links with chaplaincy and corps.

People with disabilities are welcome in all Salvation Army services and this decision doesn’t impact our commitment in supporting people with disabilities in other services such as Aged Care, Homelessness and Money Care.

New 100 Days resources available  

We have now passed the half-way point in the 100 Days of Prayer & Devotion.

Reflecting on the journey so far, Colonel Robyn Maxwell, Ambassador for Holiness & Prayer said, “I feel so thankful to the Lord for the way He is using 100 Days. It’s been an important and enriching experience for so many. I’ve loved seeing people of all ages focusing on the same scripture verses on the same days, prayerfully pressing in to ready their hearts for all that the Lord has for us in the days ahead.”

Resources for days 51 to 75 are available to download now at:

National Child Safe Framework  

The Salvation Army in Australia has established a new National Child Safe Framework to enable nationally consistent, robust and quality standards and practices. All our child safe requirements, reporting and policy are under one umbrella.

The framework builds on our existing foundations and includes:

  • Commitment to Children Statement
  • Child Safe Standards Implementation
  • Keeping Children Safe Code of Conduct
  • Compliance Requirements and Reporting
  • Education and Training
  • Keeping Children Safe Policy
  • Managing Sex Offenders Policy

The Child Safe team is part of the Professional Standards and Quality Department, led by Bernadette Roberts. While The Salvation Army has a centralised and dedicated team, they rely on working with everyone across the organisation to implement and promote child safe initiatives.

Have you received a request for Child Safe activity information from a government department or agency? Please forward all correspondence or requests to:

HoD Profile: Craig Tucker

Introducing Craig Tucker, Chief Information Officer and Head of IT.

What does working at the Salvos mean to you?
It’s an opportunity to work somewhere that’s nationally and internationally recognised as a place that does good, as an organisation that makes a real change in the lives of the people that we help.

What’s your key focus as the Chief Information Officer (CIO)?
To truly transform the technology offering we have at the Salvos by making new technology and platforms available to our people. I’m particularly thinking of ways to enable our corps and volunteers, not by disrupting what they do, but by allowing technology to help enhance what they already do.                  

What’s your history working in IT?
I’ve been with The Salvation Army IT department for six years. Before that I worked in the private sector, in a variety of technology roles, including Chief Information Officer, project lead and program lead roles.

Describe yourself in 3 words
That’s a tricky one! I might take more than 3 words here…

  1. Driven
  2. Empathetic. I’m really focused on people, the way I work is more relationship based. Our most powerful resource is our people and I always want to be tuned in to what they’re doing and what they’re thinking.
  3. Serving. I find a lot of value in serving people.

What’s an ideal weekend for you?
I really just like to take the time to unwind; I enjoy a bush walk, taking the dogs out for a walk around the neighbourhood. This is going to sound boring, but I really enjoy reading up on leadership, biographies of interesting people, history, and even things like sports leadership are really fascinating to me.

I volunteer as well – I really find doing my part very fulfilling. It’s powerful to see how much change I can make in someone’s life, just by donating some of my time.

What excites you about the future of The Salvation Army in Australia?
I really love our vision, and the mission is such a central part of what we’re doing. I think that together we have a real chance to build a better future for The Salvation Army.

Still Others starts 27 November!

Still Others, a national Salvation Army gathering will commence on 27 November, 2018.

We’d like to highlight two events – Our Purpose (Wednesday night) and To Walk Alongside (Thursday night). The events will focus us on The Salvation Army’s heart for mission and explore what it means to carry out that mission in our contemporary world. Please watch the clips below to find out more.

Remember, tickets are available at and to keep up to date with the latest Still Others news, head to, or

Still Others will take place at the Melbourne Convention Centre from 27 November to 2 December.

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