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    • Pulse Survey – Have Your Say 
    • HoD Profiles: Lt Col Donna Evans, Matt Davis and Malcolm Pittendrigh
    • 100 Days of Prayer & Devotion 

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Pulse Survey: Have your say     

Have you completed the latest Pulse Survey?

Pulse Survey 4 opened on Tuesday 18 September. So far 1459 Salvos have taken the opportunity to share their experiences and perceptions of the national transition journey.

It only takes a few minutes to complete the survey, and results will be used by our national leadership to inform the Australia Territory transition.

The survey can be taken in either English or Chinese; simply choose your preference from the drop down menu in the top right hand side.

Active officers and employees will be asked to identify which national portfolio and department they work in. If you are unsure which portfolio or department you are a part of, please click here.

To fill in the survey, please head to

Pulse Survey 4 will close on Friday 28 September 2018.

We look forward to sharing the survey findings with you in the weeks following the close date.

100 Days of Prayer and Devotion 

100 Days of Prayer & Devotion launches today and all Salvos are invited to participate.

To download prayer and devotional resources for the first 25 days, please click here:

Colonel Robyn Maxwell, National Ambassador for Prayer and Holiness says: “100 Days of Prayer & Devotion is a call to position ourselves to pray and press into the Word of God, to prepare us individually and as an Army of God for all that He has planned.”

The 100 days will lead us through to the 1 January 2019.

HoD Profile: Malcolm Pittendrigh 

Meet Malcolm Pittendrigh, National Director Salvos Funerals

Can you tell us more about Salvos Funerals and your role as National Director Salvos Funerals?
Salvos Funerals is a team of funeral directors. My role is to lead, motivate and encourage our small team to come alongside and serve families and communities who have experienced the loss of a loved one. We help people with the elements of putting together a funeral, and assist with prayer and pastoral support.

Salvos Funerals started following a request to investigate potential programs The Salvation Army could deliver to help sustain our frontline. We operate across Sydney and the NSW Central Coast and are hoping to support the growth of this precious ministry into new parts of Australia.

What were you doing before you took on this role?
I have been with The Salvation Army for 21 years in a variety of roles, including the past couple of years building Salvos Funerals. Prior to this, I was responsible for leading the finance and IT teams within Aged Care Plus.

What do you like about working for The Salvation Army?
It is immensely satisfying to work for a common good and have a positive impact on society. In addition, The Salvation Army has been generous in providing me with the encouragement and opportunities to grow and develop both spiritually and professionally over the past two decades – I feel valued.

What do you do for fun?
At weekends, I enjoy spending quality time with my wife Sally and keeping up with our three active children, Lucy, Harry and Molly, and cat Toffee. I’m also keen on the outdoors and physical activity – especially mountain biking and swimming.

How would you describe yourself in three words?
Committed, faith-focused, goal-oriented.

Is there anything that you would like to say to Salvos around the country at this time?
We live in days of great change. The Lord has blessed The Salvation Army in profound ways and will continue to do so into the future. Remain faithful and be encouraged about the opportunities that lie before us.

HoD Profile: Matt Davis

Meet Matt Davis, National Director Salvos Stores

As National Director of Salvo Stores, what is your role? 
My aim is to offer Australians the best retail experience while raising sustainable funds, build quality relationships with team members who are thriving, and have the opportunity to get involved in the local communities at every one of our 300+ stores around the country. This means we’ve got lots of work to do!

What are your key priorities?
Next on our agenda is to create a consistently great experience at Salvos Stores around the country, become a lot more convenient to deal with both online and offline, and most importantly, help our team and our customers know why we do what we do.

What’s something you’ve enjoyed working on recently?
As a team we’ve been focused on getting behind The Salvation Army’s vision to positively impact hardship and injustice, and finding better ways to help our customers and donors be part of that goal. We’ve tackled the customer pain point of prices that seem too high, made our website and loyalty card much easier to use, and, finally introduced gift cards! We’ve even dropped the $0.25 off our price tags. It might seem simple, but doing the right thing by our customers and donors helps us to do the right thing to help those who need it most.

What do you like about working for The Salvation Army?
Somebody once said that The Salvation Army is ‘faith with its sleeves rolled up’. Despite all the challenges we face, I believe no other Christian movement gives me the chance to be part of God’s love in the world the way the Salvos do. And it is global!

What is your ideal day off?
My perfect day off is Melbourne in Spring – get up early, read the paper over a long breakfast, get outdoors with Kell and my three awesome kids, and have a quiet evening with just the two of us.

What would like to share with Salvos around the country?
No matter what happens, keep talking about the mission. If we build the foundation on who we are as a movement and our identity in Christ, the impact we will have will last.

HoD Profile: Lt Col Donna Evans     

Meet Lt Col Donna Evans, National Head of Officer Personnel

As the National Head of Officer Personnel, what are you responsible for?
Anything to do with the officers across Australia comes under my department. My team is spread across the country, all helping to develop, resource and release officers.

What areas are you focusing on at the moment?
One area we are responding to is the declining officer numbers and we’re also exploring ways to ensure officers develop the more specialised skill-set that is required of them today. 

My passion is that the Personnel team would know, value and understand each officer, with an intention that they be placed in appointments where they flourish.

You’ve been an officer for more than 20 years. What have been the highlights?
There have been so many highlights, but planting the work of The Salvation Army in Hervey Bay, and serving as a leader in the Netherlands are two that stand out.

How would you describe yourself?
I’m a creative, free-thinking pioneer who loves journeying with people and seeing them move closer to Jesus.

I’m also a passionate communicator; I love communicating theology in an understandable way.

What’s your idea of a relaxing day?
A walk in the countryside, followed by morning tea at a plant nursery where there’s a good café. I enjoy gardening, so quite often return home with something new to plant in the garden. A good book or movie are other good options.

What is your prayer for The Salvation Army at this time?
It is my prayer that people who are marginalised or lonely and those who are in any kind of poverty (not just financial) would be able to step into the love of Jesus and flourish. I want that for every person.

I pray that as an Army we can be creating those spaces of inclusion, spaces to grow, spaces where people know that they are valued and loved.

What’s that mean?    

The Transition Support Team has compiled a list of acronyms associated with the national transition. These can be viewed here.

We are also working on a glossary of terms and look forward to sharing it with you in a future National Transformation Update.

If you have a term that you’d like included, send us an email at or

Executive leaders discuss culture    

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. This statement, attributed to Peter Drucker, says it all for how important a healthy culture is in any organisation. Our executive leaders in The Salvation Army realise the importance of culture – and understand that while the necessary and complex work of transforming The Salvation Army into a national territory continues, it is vitally important that we give attention to a unified national culture.

Culture is often referred to as ‘the way we do things around here’, but it is so much more than that. It is also about how we talk and think about what we do; what meaning we make of the things we see and perceive. In a recent day-long workshop, our executive leaders discussed not only the importance of leading a healthy culture, but also the risks of not doing so. They challenged themselves to look at what is necessary to lead a healthy culture across all our expressions. This is important, because it sets the tone for the organisation. It unites and motivates people, providing a trusted framework in which we can all operate.

Chat with Lt Col Lyn Edge  

Join A Chat With Lyn on Wednesday 26 September at 2:00pm AEST, where you have the opportunity to ask questions and hear from Lt Col Lyn Edge, National Secretary for Mission.

Please email your questions about mission to or by 5pm Tuesday 25 September. You can also ask questions online during the chat.

Due to previous technical difficulties, we are pleased to offer three ways to join the chat:

Livestream website – Visit to join the session. If you want to ask questions during the session, please register first with Livestream (Chat with Lyn – Instructions to set up Livestream.pdf)

Facebook – Visit at 2pm to join the Facebook Live session. Please note that you need a Facebook account to join.

Telephone – Dial 1800 468 102 and use the meeting access number “573 370 808” to join by teleconference. Please note that you do not need an attendee ID number and can join by pressing #. Please also note that you will not be able to ask questions by teleconference.

Support available

Employee Assistance Program

As we continue our journey and transition to a single national territory, a valuable resource is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which is available to officers, employees and members of their immediate family, to discuss any issues of concern. Individuals can receive up to six counselling sessions each year from psychologists, counsellors, pastoral care counsellors, social workers and other professionals. To make an appointment or learn more, please telephone 1300 687 327 or head to

Pastoral Services Team

In 2019, a new national pastoral services team will serve all officers in the Australia Territory to help support them to deliver mission. The new team will be led by Majors Howard and Robyn Smartt and their focus will be on promoting holistic well-being and resilience. In addition to a deep understanding of The Salvation Army, the team has expertise in counselling, psychology, spiritual direction, pastoral supervision, coaching, and marriage enrichment.

Still Others – Our Christmas Gift

Our Christmas Gift

A highlight of the upcoming Still Others conference will be Our Christmas Gift, a family concert spectacular, sharing the joy of Christmas with our community.

The shows will take place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Saturday 1 December 2:30pm and 7:30pm.

Tickets are on sale now from or can be purchased by calling 1800 710 499


Would you like to volunteer at Still Others? For more information, or to register your interest, please visit:

Follow Still Others on social media

To keep up to date with the latest Still Others news, head to, or

Still Others is a national Salvation Army event that will run from 27 November to 3 December 2018 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Tickets can be purchased at 

Duplicate emails 

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Stay in touch 

You can keep up to date with the latest news and information about the national transition by visiting our website (, or via Others magazine ( online or in printed copy).

You can also contact us directly through our mailbox:

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