Head of Department Profile: Liz Cruickshank

Say hello to Liz Cruickshank, National Head of Governance and Risk

What are you passionate about? 

Sharing the love of Jesus, my role (because it supports the Army to do that) and my cat, even though she doesn’t like me!

What’s the most exciting thing you’re working on at the moment? 

The launch of the Australia Territory Board is a whole new way of operating for The Salvation Army in Australia. It’s very exciting. I think we’ll have a much more structured approach to doing mission and doing it well.

What do you like about working for The Salvation Army? 

The thing I like the most is that the values of the Army are my own personal values and the mission is my own personal view of the world. So I get to partner in extending the kingdom of God. That’s the most fabulous thing about it.

What did you do before you worked for the Salvos?

My background is in the legal profession, state government and risk management. Highlights of my career have been Director, Centre for Restoration, RPC Contract Manager for Manus Island, Risk Management Consultant for Freehills and managing an Act through the Victorian Parliament.

Describe your ideal day off 

Sitting down with a book, a pot of coffee and chocolate.

Is there anything that you would like to say to Salvos around the country at this time? 

People sometimes hear the words ‘governance’ and ‘risk’ and they think ‘oh they’re just going to stop us doing what we do.’ But for me it’s about providing a framework to ensure that the way we deliver our mission is effective and efficient.

I really want people to understand that this is not driven by a corporate outlook; this is driven by biblical principles of accountability and stewardship and by a passion to see us transform Australia one life at a time with the love of Jesus.

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