Program Update – Monday 27 August

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    • Area Officers put vision into action
    • Social Program Review update
    • A pastoral message from our national leaders
    • Gender Equity Lunch & Learn
    • HoD profile: Peter Houlihan 

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Area Officers put vision into action   

Putting vision into action was the focus on 13 August 2018, as Area Officers and divisional staff from all around Australia gathered in Brisbane.

In the opening address, Colonel Mark Campbell displayed a picture of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in mid construction. The picture showed two sides of the bridge and a gap in the middle. The message was clear; putting our new vision statement into action is like finishing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We have come so far, but there is still work to be done.

The first topic of the day was how to support local mission expressions to develop goals and actions that will put flesh and bones on our national vision.

Area Officers were challenged to help all Salvos look beyond ‘business as usual’ and encourage goals that are ambitious in fulfilling our new vision.

At the end of the day, Lt Colonel Lyn Edge, National Secretary for Mission, reminded the group to be “strong and courageous”.

Captain Stuart McGifford (Corps Officer & Associate Director of Social Program, Alice Springs) attended as part of his secondment to the Transition Support Team. Stuart says, “We all left with a deeper sense of purpose of what’s next on our journey of putting vision into action”.

A pastoral video from our national commanders

National leaders, Commissioners Floyd and Tracey Tidd, have released a pastoral video for all officers and employees where they discuss the journey to becoming the Australia Territory and what to expect in the coming months. Click on the clip above to watch.

Social Program Review update – Out of home care

On 16 August, The Salvation Army confirmed the decision to refocus current services for at risk children and young people on a youth homelessness response, and move away from the provision of residential and home-based care.

The Salvation Army will create a dedicated, national integrated response to tackle youth homelessness which aligns to our national strategic direction. A national framework and accompanying model that ensures a consistent and integrated response to young people will be developed.

Our leaving, continuing, transitional care and other youth homelessness programs will form the basis of the new youth framework as part of the national mission portfolio. The intention is to continue working with young people in new ways by connecting them into both existing and proposed support services.

More information on how different states are affected by this decision is on the Australia One website.

Please send any questions to or

Please refer any external enquiries to Steve Speziale, National Head of Media on (03) 8878 2423 or email

HoD Profile: Meet Peter Houlihan    

Say hello to Peter Houlihan, National Head of the EPMO, the second in our HoD profile series.

You are the National Head of EPMO. What does this mean?

EPMO stands for Enterprise Project Management Office.

Essentially, the EPMO helps the organisation get the best value from the investments they make into projects.

We define that word ‘value’ fairly broadly. Yes, it might be about financial value, but it is any kind of benefit for the community we serve.

Have you worked in EMPO roles previously?

I’ve been working in and around projects for almost 35 years.

I was Operational Manager for the EPMO for NAB for five years and also worked as an independent consultant, helping people set up their own EPMOs.

What do you like about project work?

In the 80s TV show, The A Team, one of the characters used to say: “I love it when a plan comes together.” I can definitely relate to that.

It is so satisfying to plan and schedule around a set of clear objectives and then see it all delivered.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

George Clooney-ish (I like coffee), Harrison Ford-like (I like spaceships), Gregory Peck-ish (strong sense of fair play – like Atticus Finch).

What do you do for fun?

Cheer on the Richmond Football Club, plan (and take) trips with my wife and go out with my close-knit family.

What do you like about working for the Salvos?

It’s great to work for a place where the connection to doing good in the world drives everything and is so immediate and obvious.

All Salvos invited to Gender Equity Lunch & Learn   

Join in LIVE via Facebook

This Wednesday 29 August, all Salvos are invited to participate in a Gender Equity Lunch & Learn, hosted by Colonel Julie Campbell.

The event is designed to create a greater understanding and awareness of gender equity issues.

You are invited to watch the event LIVE at mySalvos’ Facebook from 12:10pm AEST.

Everyone will have an opportunity to ask Colonel Julie and guest speaker, Robyn Evans questions about gender equity in The Salvation Army.

Like mySalvos on Facebook now to receive a notification when the live broadcast starts:

Please note that RSVPs to attend the session at THQ Redfern have now closed.

THQ Blackburn Lunch & Learn

On Thursday 23 August, 60 employees and officers gathered for a Gender Equity Lunch & Learn at THQ Blackburn.

Colonel Julie hosted the event, and Amanda Merrett, a Masters student at Melbourne University who is also a member of the Gender Equity Committee, led the workshop.

The event included a number of interactive elements, an informative discussion about the history of The Salvation Army and gender equity, as well as a Q&A session.

National Brengle a ‘taste of heaven on earth’.  

From 7-16 August 16 2018, delegates from around Australia gathered at the Geelong Conference Centre for a national ‘Brengle’ event.

Named after the great holiness teacher, Commissioner Samuel Logan Brengle, Brengle events are a time for delegates to:

  • be renewed in their faith,
  • be refreshed in their dedication and service to Jesus Christ,
  • allow the Holy Spirit to lead them into a new passion for his indwelling, and
  • embrace holiness as the foundation of their relationship with God.

The 32 delegates and nine faculty members engaged in a range of activities, including personal reflection, worship, prayer and small groups. There was also a special time known as ‘moments of grace’ where each delegate was invited to share what God is doing in their life and moments when the grace of God has been evident in their personal journey.

Lieut Colonel Dr Karen Shakespeare (Assistant Principal, Development, William Booth College, London) was the international guest speaker at the event, bringing teaching on ‘Foundations of Holiness’.

Major Deborah Robinson (Assistant Training Principal and Head of Eva Burrows College, Bexley North Campus) said that the experience could be summed up with one word: ‘unity’.

“It was evident from the start that we were united in Christ. Brengle was indeed a little taste of heaven on earth – a time of renewal, refreshment, and increased passion for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah!”

Chat with Lyn  – Watch it back 

Did you miss the Chat with Lyn last Tuesday? You can watch it back at

Please note, while a technical glitch resulted in some of the chat not being recorded, Lyn repeated the initial information in the recorded portion of the chat.

Stay tuned for details of the next Chat with Lyn.

Still Others Update  

The Still Others conference is approaching fast. Click on the clip above for the latest announcements.

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