Program Update – Monday 30 July

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    • National Strategy Launch – 3 August 2018
    • Our new gender equity plan – Find out what’s been happening
    • From an Area Officer – Major Beth Twivey shares about Local Mission Delivery
    • Watch what happened – Video recording of Deep Dive session – Now online

     And more!

National Strategy Launch – 4 days to go! 

The National Strategy will be officially launched on 3 August 2018 via a national broadcast, at 11.30am AEST.

Click below to hear Colonel Mark Campbell chat with Captain Peter Brookshaw about what’s in store.

To watch the broadcast live, please head to

Our new gender equity plan

The Salvation Army in Australia is implementing a Gender Equity Plan.   The goal is for the Australia Territory to be marked by:

  • A culture of equity in which biblical teaching and Salvation Army theology of women in leadership informs our practice
  • Fair and just processes which eliminate discriminatory and sexist practices
  • The intentional development of women to reach their full potential

In August 2017 Colonel Julie Campbell was appointed as the National Gender Equity Advocate, responsible for spearheading this work.

Key achievements to date include:

  • Expanded Scope– from the initial focus of married women officers to equality for all women i.e. officers, staff & volunteers
  • Formation of Gender Equity Committee – Comprised of 12 members, including four from external organisations and responsible for developing strategies to achieve the goals of Gender Equity
  • Established Diversity Targets – Minimum of 30% female and minimum of 30% male representation on Territorial Board, committees, councils, leadership and throughout all departments
  • Commenced Policy refresh– Human Resources are reviewing and developing the diversity and Gender Equity policy
  • Officer Appointment Process – Under review by Personnel.
  • Survey of flexible working arrangements for officers – 64 officers (male and female) participated in a survey; responses are being reviewed and will inform a new policy.
  • Leadership development pilot – 20 women officers are participating and their experiences will inform future development opportunities for all officers and staff.
  • Unconscious Bias Training – All national leaders and Heads of Departments have participated in training to better understand their perceptions of themselves and others in the formation of national departments.

To read Colonel Julie Campbell’s recent reflections on the Gender Equity work, please go to:

Major Beth Twivey shares about local mission 

Hear Major Beth Twivey, Area Officer, Sydney Wide share her personal experience of the new Local Mission Delivery model. 

Salvos Stores – National Director talks about purpose  

National Director of Salvos Stores, Matt Davis is passionate about the vision of The Salvation Army.

Matt spoke with Sandy Campbell, Salvos Store Manager in Cheltenham, Victoria about the role Salvos Stores play in fulfilling the vision and mission of The Salvation Army.

Still Others – Latest News   

We can now confirm that International leaders, General Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, will be joining us for Still Others.

Still Others will run from 27 November to 3 December 2018 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

We’d also like to advise that the Still Others website now features a range of offers for accommodation during the event.

Please visit for more info.

National Local Mission Delivery Coordinator appointed

In another step to bring the local mission delivery operating model to life, Rod Yule has been appointed as the National Local Mission Delivery Coordinator.

Rod has been working in the AUE Mission Support team and brings strong leadership and enthusiasm to the role, combined with some exciting new ideas. Prior to joining The Salvation Army, Rod worked with Tim Costello at World Vision on integrated and holistic mission.

Rod starts in this new role on 15 August.

Deep Dive – video playback 

A video recording of one of the ‘Deep Dive into Local Mission Delivery’ sessions is now available to view.

The 55 minute clip was filmed at Redfern THQ on Tuesday 10 July.

In the clip Major Beth Twivey (Area Officer, Sydney Wide) and Lt Colonels David and Sandra Godkin (Queensland Divisional Leaders) talk and answer questions about the Local Mission Delivery Model.

If you have further questions about the Local Mission Delivery Model please send them to or

Advisory board and council appreciation events

A new era in decision making for The Salvation Army was recognised during appreciation events at Blackburn and Redfern headquarters’ buildings on 25 and 26 July.

Currently a new Approved Authorities Matrix (AAM) – which includes increased approval authority for leaders at all levels of The Salvation Army – is being piloted. The pilot concludes at the end of September and the revised AAM will then soon be in place. The AAM means that most of the territory’s current boards and councils will no longer be required.

The AAM builds on the work of board and council members from decades past who have strived to keep The Salvation Army mission focused and financially sustainable through wise God-inspired decisions.

The functions provided opportunity to thank and acknowledge those who have been current members of Australia Eastern and Australia Southern Territory boards and councils that are now concluding.

During the Redfern gathering National Chief Secretary, Colonel Mark Campbell quoted Major Steven O’Neill who, earlier in the morning, had spoken at the weekly prayer meeting about the difference between the Hebrew and English language’s understanding of the word remembering.

The colonel remarked that this event matched both language meanings. He said that we are thankfully looking back at the past, remembering that it has shaped who we are today and we are currently impacted by this fact.

Before praying he added that it is always good to have a point of reference regarding significant change and “this appreciation gathering marks the change in decision making process, recognising that God has the present and future in hand”.

Save the date – Chat with Lyn

The next Chat with Lyn will take place on Tuesday 21 August 2018 at 2.00pm – 3.00pm AEST at

Chat with Lyn is an interactive, live web stream where Lieut Colonel Lyn Edge answers questions from around Australia.

If you have a question related to mission that you would like Lyn to answer, please email it before the end of Monday 20 August to or , or ask it during the live stream.

If you are prompted to log in, please refer to Chat with Lyn – Instructions to set up Livestream 

Stay in touch 

You can keep up to date with the latest news and information about the National Transformation by visiting our website (, or via Others magazine ( online or in printed copy).

You can also contact us directly through our mailbox:

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