Program Update – Monday 16 July

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  • Connecting with Leadership – Queensland Divisional Leaders share their perspective on the national transformation
  • Behind the Scenes – Captain Peter Brookshaw blogs about his time with the Transition Support Team
  • National Director Appointment – Introducing Richard De Haast
  • A peek inside the A1 Inbox 

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Queensland Divisional Leaders share perspective on the national transformation 

Have you ever wondered what the national transformation journey is like for Divisional Leaders?

Transition Support Team member, Claire Hill, caught up with Lt Colonels David and Sandra Godkin to hear about their experience of the journey so far.

CH: First off, thanks David and Sandra for joining me today for this chat. You’re the Queensland Divisional leaders; can you tell me what that entails?

DG: We lead the Salvation Army in the state of Queensland.

SG: It’s our job to ensure that all expressions in our division are aligned with the national vision, mission and values.

CH: How is the role of Divisional Leaders in Australia changing?

DG: Rapidly! (Laughs)

In the past, the Queensland Divisional Leaders were the key leaders for every expression of The Salvation Army in the Division. Now, there is a new role called Area Officers (AOs). AOs have taken over the line management of Corps Officers and are responsible for mission delivery in other expressions.

We have a direct line to each of our AOs. As their line managers, it is one of our core responsibilities to support them in any way we can when they’re assisting those on the frontline.

SG: Another big change is that Divisional Leaders are now a part of the national leadership team. We’ve gone from three tiers of leadership: territorial, divisional and local, to just two: national and local.

DG: So the AOs are on the frontline, serving side by side with local leadership and, as Sandra said, Divisional Leaders are now part of the national leadership tier.

CH: What do you find encouraging about the journey so far?

DG: I love that the vision is front and centre. People often say to me: “Why does everything have to be ‘top down?” Well, the new national model is a top down model… but with a difference!

At the very top, across everything we do, we have the National Vision. I love that. The vision is the priority for every part of The Salvation Army, and we all take our lead from that.

Then we have Local Mission Delivery, which is how we serve the Australian community and make a real difference to the lives of Australians.

After that we have those who look after the functions we need to support the delivery of our mission.

I think it’s a great approach, centering the focus on our vision and Local Mission Delivery.

SG: One thing I’ve been encouraged by is the sense of connection I feel with the other Divisional Leaders. We’ve been on this journey together, operating as members of the same team for about 18 months, and I feel we are working well as a group.

CH: What challenges are you facing on the transformation journey?

DG: We are frequently asked the question: ‘How do I do this now?’

For those on the frontline, there’s some uncertainty around changes in processes and procedures. That’s a challenge.

We’re in the unavoidable ‘messy middle’ stage while department design is taking place and a review on our processes and procedures is underway.

SG: For me personally, the biggest challenge we have as an Army is, ‘How do we keep our deep faith and trust in God?’

If you think back to our commencement, we had no resources, we had public opposition and our forebears got on their knees in prayer. They had to trust in God because they had nothing else.

Fast track to today: we’ve got lots of resources, we’ve got a lot of wonderful people stepping in to help us, and we’ve got public approval.

For me, there’s a danger that we’re not on our knees with that deep trust, that sense of ‘if we don’t have you, God, we can’t do this.’ That’s what I feel challenged about at the moment.

CH: As we move through this national journey, what excites you?

DG: I’m excited that the focus is on the local level, and on living out the vision in everything we do. The call to transform lives with the love of Jesus excites me every day.

SG: Lots of things excite me about it. I love the thought that wherever Aussies see a Salvo shield – whether it’s someone wearing one, or they see it on one of our buildings – that they would know that we are all about transforming lives, and that we’re doing it together.

One day at THQ and I’m converted

Captain Peter Brookshaw is one of eight officers who are currently spending a month working with the Transition Support Team.

Peter has blogged about his experience at THQ so far.

“The clock ticks 8:25am and half of the desks are full. Computers going tap, tap, tap in the background. Staff sitting in little rooms on conference calls. The kitchen staff are making minestrone soup (and for some reason they’re only charging $3!). The photocopiers are already spitting out leaflets that means someone needs to plant some more trees. The I.T. department are answering calls. People are writing on whiteboards. Someone’s recording a video for an up and coming production.

Then there are meetings. And a couple of more meetings. And another meeting. There’s a plethora of items to discuss. Great productivity! I find a quick moment to grab a coffee. International Roast… ok, that wasn’t positive.

Production plans. Strategic plans. Resource plans. The best laid plans. Lots of plans

This is THQ…”

To read the full article, please head to:

National Director Appointment

Jeff Davey, Group Executive Mission Enterprises is pleased to announce that the following National Director appointment has been made within Mission Enterprises:

Richard de Haast, National Director Aged Care

Richard is very excited about joining the team at The Salvation Army Aged Care and is looking forward to helping to transform Australia one life at a time.

Richard has always worked in service industries and loves the idea of being part of an organisation that has people and their care at the heart of what they do.

Richard is a highly experienced and successful senior executive who has worked in multiple roles, industries and countries. He has a strong background in, and passion for, Aged Care, having worked in senior executive aged care roles in both Australia and New Zealand.

Richard strongly believes that if leaders and organisations create the environment where people can flourish and do their best work, they deliver services and products that meet the needs of their customers and sustainable business performance is created.

Richard is due to commence in the role on September 24, 2018.

A peek inside the A1 mailbox  

Every update we encourage you to contact the team if you have any questions, but have you ever wondered what goes on in the Australia One Inbox?

How many emails go to (and from) the mailbox?

At the moment we’re receiving approximately 15 emails per week on average.

What is the standard response time?

It’s our goal to respond to every single email in 1-3 days (even just to let you know we’re investigating, if your question needs a little bit more detective work).

We’ve recently put some new measures in place to improve our response time.

Where do the majority of emails come from?

Mainly officers and employees, but we receive emails from Salvos all around the country.

What are the most common topics?

  • Ideas about how to make The Salvation Army in Australia more effective. These comments are passed on to the relevant cabinet secretary
  • Suggestions to improve the way we communicate with you about the national transformation journey. We love hearing and implementing your ideas!
  • Questions – sometimes very specific ones – relating to department design or other transformation activities.

Do you have a question or comment about the transformation? Please let us know via email or

Deep Dive into Local Mission Delivery   

More than 300 Salvos have attended ‘Deep Dive into Local Mission Delivery’ sessions across THQ Redfern, Blackburn and Glen Waverley.

The events were designed to inform attendees about the national approach to local mission delivery.

As part of the sessions, Divisional Leaders and Area Officers talked about what they do, and how they work to support and deliver integrated and holistic mission.

We spoke to attendee Paul Knight, Senior Writer and Resource Development Coordinator, Mission Support Team to hear what he thought of the session he attended:

“I appreciated their realism and confidence – it didn’t seem like false optimism. I had a sense of how many opportunities for connections are out there, and how many passionate, practical people we have gathered in The Salvation Army to seize those opportunities.

“The deep dive morning tea helped me understand and even get a little bit excited about how local mission delivery could practically help us explore so many ways to be more effective, to do what we’ve always done, but better.”

A video recording of one of the deep dive sessions will be added to the Australia One website shortly.

Save the date – National Strategy Launch

The National Strategy will be officially launched on 3 August 2018 via a national broadcast at 11.30am AEST. Stay tuned for more details.

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    Will the Deep Dive into local Mission come to Qld or other states??

    • clairehill
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      Hi Glenys,
      Thanks for your interest in the Deep Dive sessions. While there are no further Deep Dive sessions scheduled at this time we are pleased to advise that a full video recording of one of the sessions has been uploaded to our website. The video can be found at:
      Kind regards,
      Claire Hill, Transition Support Team

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