Program Update – Tuesday 3 July

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  • Connecting with Leadership – Lt Colonel Kelvin Merrett talks about Pulse Survey 3
  • Behind the Scenes – At the National Head of Department Forum
  • Personal Perspective – Officer insights into national transformation process

And more!

Pulse Survey 3 – An interview with Lt Colonel Kelvin Merrett

Why is the Pulse Survey an important tool? How is the feedback from Pulse Survey 3 being implemented?

We sat down with Lt Colonel Kelvin Merrett, National Secretary for Personnel to ask him these questions and more.

Please click above to watch the clip.

National Head of Department Forum

On Friday June 22 National Heads of Department (HoDs) from around the country gathered at THQ Blackburn for a HoD forum.

The forums are held on the third Friday of every month, and are designed to keep HoDs up-to-date on progress with the National Transformation. Similar forums are held for Divisional Leaders.

As part of this month’s session, the group divided into three smaller groups and walked through a three station rotation. Captain Steven Smith hosted a Q&A with Majors Ian and Vivian Calendar, Area Officers, North East Victoria, entitled “A day in the life of an Area Officer”; Lt Colonel Bruce Stevens, Divisional Commander, Victoria Division led “A day in the life of a Divisional Leader”; and Lt Colonel Winsome Merrett hosted a Q&A about the Approved Authorities Matrix

Lt Colonel Winsome says: “The HoD forums provide opportunity for heads of department to gain an organisation-wide perspective of the transition, from the vision booster material to the mission delivery operating model, from organisational design to governance structures and processes.”

Colonel Merrett says that the forum provides heads of department with a forward-looking view of the changes that will particularly impact their specific department in any given month, “thus providing them with information to assist in managing their teams through the transition.”

HoDs are provided with a summary at each forum which is intended to be used as a guide in communicating updates and new information with their teams.

“The Transition Support Change Team work hard to ensure the information provided for HoDs is clear and current and presented in a usable format. They do a fantastic job!”

Officer insights into national transformation process

In the June 18 National Transformation Update, we shared information about a new initiative that will see 32 officers each spending a month serving as part of the Transition Support Team.

Transition Support Team member, Claire Hill, caught up with three officers who have just completed a month with the team to hear their insights.

Pictured left to right, they are: Major Kaye Viney (Divisional Doorways Coordinator, Victoria Division), Major Phil Inglis (Corps Officer, Wollongong Corps, NSW/ACT Division and Major Vicki Clarke (Corps Officer, Brisbane City Temple Corps, Queensland Division).

CH: What one word would you choose to describe your time with the Transition Support Team?

VC: Valuable

KV: Enlightening

PI: Fascinating

CH: Can you share a highlight of your time with the team?

VC: Working alongside passionate and enthusiastic people who want to see the best possible outcomes for TSA now and in the future.

KV: Being with others officers from AUE and AUS, working alongside them and also working with the people on the change team. It’s been a great experience.

PI: The opportunity to share and speak with the heads of department last week was great. I learned a lot about how various departments were dealing with change, wrestling with uncertainty and building a great future for our Salvation Army.

CH: Do you think this experience will impact you once you return home? If yes, how?

KV: I think so. I’ll be much more aware of the work that is going on and will be able to dispel common myths. And I’ll be praying for the team.

VC: I return home with a better understanding of the transition process. Already Officers and Salvos have asked me questions about the whole process and I have been able to answer their questions, some of which were the same answers I had before coming to Melbourne. During the month I have also learnt more change and project management skills which I can apply to my appointment.

PI: I have seen how I can apply project management techniques and processes to ministry.

I have also developed hope that leadership conditions on the front-line will ease as new department designs come online and the mission delivery model is rolled out and activated.

Deep dive into local mission delivery  

The first of four ‘Deep Dive into Local Mission Delivery’ events was held at THQ Blackburn, on Wednesday June 27.

The events will be held at all THQ locations and are an opportunity for Salvos to learn more about divisions and local mission delivery.

As part of the sessions, Divisional Leaders and Area Officers talk about what they do, and how they work to support and deliver integrated and holistic mission.

All are welcome.

Details for the Deep Dive sessions at THQ Glen Waverley and THQ Redfern are as follows:

Glen Waverley

  • 2pm – 3pm (Afternoon tea served at 1:45pm)
  • 2 July
  • Room 101 and 102, THQ Glen Waverley
  • Lt. Colonels Bruce and Debra Stevens + Area Officers Gary and Julie Grant


  • Monday 9 July or Tuesday 10 July
  • Lt Colonels David & Sandra Godkin + Area Officer Major Beth Twivey
  • Chapel, THQ Redfern
  • 10am – 11 am (Morning tea served at 9:45am)

For catering, please RSVP to or, with your preferred session in the subject line. You will receive confirmation via a calendar invite.

Interim CFO  

Ian Shinkfield has joined The Salvation Army as our new Interim CFO. Ian brings with him a wealth of experience, having served in senior financial leadership roles, including as CFO, with BP Australia Upstream for over 20 years. During his time as CFO for BP Australia Upstream Ian led the finance and commercial function for BP Australia’s exploration and production business. Ian is an experienced CFO with a proven track record in delivering key outcomes and leading diverse teams in times of organisational change.

Ian’s strong history of managing teams through change will ensure we do not lose momentum on our key Finance projects. This will include building on the strong work our Finance Team is doing to prepare our national operating budgets and shape the design for our national Finance Department. Ian will also provide additional stability as we continue the process of appointing a national CFO.

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