Program Update – Tuesday 19 June

Key Points

  • 32 officers partner with Transition Support Team
  • Local Mission Delivery comes to life
  • Still Others – An invitation from our national leaders
  • Property Design Workshop #2
  • First ever national Officers Kid’s Camp
  • SA/NT divisional briefing
  • National Directors announced
  • Deep Dive Morning Teas
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  • Changes to weekly updates

32 officers partner with Transition Support Team 

This year, thirty two officers will be given the opportunity to spend a month working as part of the Transition Support Team.

An initial group of eight officers commenced their time with the team on June 4 and will conclude on June 29.

Major Howard Smartt, Director of the School for Learning and Development has been helping oversee the initiative. Howard explains that: “The goal is to provide a focused immersion experience. Officers will work beside Project team members, providing for mutual learning and development, in a way that will raise organisational capability.”

Transition Support Team member, Claire Hill caught up with three of the officers who have recently commenced work with the team – Major Kaye Viney, Major Phil Inglis and Major Vicki Clarke – to hear about their experience so far.

Major Kaye Viney, Divisional Doorways Coordinator, Victoria Division.


Major Phil Inglis, Corps Officer, Wollongong Corps, NSW/ACT Division


Major Vicki Clarke, Corps Officer, Brisbane City Temple Corps, Queensland Division

CH: What impact has Australia One had on you over the last two years? 

PI: We haven’t felt much change on a local level. In fact, all the talk about change that hasn’t really resulted in any change at the frontline has been more of a frustration than anything.

VC: To be honest, it hasn’t had a big impact on me as a corps officer yet. As a corps officer, you tend to focus on where you are.

The vision booster campaign was probably the first thing that really had a significant impact on us. Being able to talk to our corps people about the national vision was significant. It was a chance to draw people in and say, ‘this is what we’re about’.

KV: Most people I speak to think that one Australian territory is a great idea, but I think some people are a little impatient with the process because it feels like it has taken so long. It’s the waiting that’s hard.

VC: Yes, I think people are tired of change. They want answers: Will I have a job? What’s my department going to look like? The waiting is very hard.

CH: Why did you choose to spend a month with the Transition Support Team?

PI: I was excited by the opportunity to be a part of one of the largest current transition projects in Australia. I think it will be instructive. I hope to be helpful in giving insight into the issues and concerns on the frontline too.

KV: As soon as I heard about the opportunity I thought ‘I’d love to be part of that!’ We don’t really know what’s happening when we’re back in our appointments and I just thought, I’d really love to be part of it, to gain a better understanding of the change process.

VC: I really have a passion to see The Salvation Army thrive, particularly in corps-based ministry.

Often when you’re on the frontline you don’t hear much or get to feed in much to the process, but this opportunity caught my eye.

It’s a chance to gain knowledge about how it is actually working and a chance to have a voice. Having been a corps officer for 25 years, I feel I have an idea of what works and doesn’t.

CH: You’ve all just completed your first week with the Transition Support Team. What has surprised you so far?

PI: The most surprising thing for me has been the realisation that it is not just the bringing together of all the departments and figuring out the best way forward; it’s a complete redesign of THQ from the ground up. The work pace is incredibly fast, but the job is mammoth.

KV: When we are in our own appointments we just think ‘come on, hurry up!’ We sort of imagined four people sitting in an office talking about things. But being here has really opened my eyes to the volume and depth of work. It’s just amazing the amount that the team do every day.

I’ve also been impressed by the commitment of the team members. It’s not just a professional job for them; they really are looking at the Army’s mission and striving to do what’s best for the Army.

VC: So far I’ve been surprised by the scope of the process. I knew Australia One was not just about reviewing what we already had, but during my first few days here I’ve really seen that the attitude is: “If there’s a better way to do this, now’s the time to implement the better way”.

We will check in with Vicki, Phil and Kaye again in the July 2 National Transformation Update.

Local mission delivery comes to life

On 6 June, National Secretary for Mission, Lt Colonel Lyn Edge emailed leaders with details of three new resources – all designed to help everyone better understand the way that the Local Mission Delivery operating model works and promotes holistic mission:

  1. Video animation
  2. Factsheet
  3. An article where Lyn explores some theological reflections on holistic ministry and Local Mission Delivery

Feel free to watch, read and actively share these resources. Please send any feedback to or

Still Others – An invitation from our national leaders

You’re invited to a once in a lifetime event in the history of The Salvation Army in Australia.

Still Others will feature a national conference week, a Friday night celebration officially launching the Australia Territory, the ‘Our Christmas Gift’ concert spectacular, a youth block party, commissioning, and so much more.

The event will run from November 27 to December 3 2018 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

To watch the June Still Others update, please click below.

For more information, please visit To keep up with everything that’s going on, you can follow us at,, and

Property design workshop #2 

On June 14, 23 people gathered to stress test the new property model and functions.

There were great discussions from those in the room, that included representatives from Salvo Housing, Aged Care, Salvo Stores, Property THQ, Finance and divisions.

Major Mark Soeters, Assistant Secretary for Business Support was among the attendees. Mark says that what encouraged him about the day was “the focus on the customer and the clearly identified strategies for improving service.”

Carel Bothma, Acting CEO, Aged Care Plus says that “there was a great appreciation for the amount of thoughtfulness that has been invested in the preparation to arrive at a new model that covers all aspects, to deliver a holistic property service for The Salvation Army.”

First ever national Officer’s Kids Camp  

122 campers and 22 leaders – all children of officers, have gathered at The Collaroy Centre in Sydney for the first ever national Officers Kids Camp.

The event ran from Friday June 8 – Monday June 11 and included times of worship and preaching, life groups, a ‘Neon Night’ (featuring a praise party and games), and an ‘Amazing Race’ event in and around Sydney’s Circular Quay.

Lieutenant Matt Gluyas, Corps Officer, Maroubra Corps was a speaker at the event. Matt says: “The event was a powerful way to show value to and celebrate our officer’s kids. I think it was significant for them to see over a hundred others in the room who share with them the uniqueness that comes from being an OK.”

Another leader, Envoy Angela Cairns, Divisional Youth & Children’s Team member, NSW/ACT says: “The bringing together of OKs at such a pivotal time in their lives was so significant.

The fact that it was national was great. It was a first glimpse for me into what’s it is like for us all to be together as a nation and it was absolutely amazing. I loved connecting with officers and officer’s kids from all over the country. There was a beautiful spirit of unity and community.”

SA/NT divisional briefing 

On June 6, the DHQ and leadership team from SA and NT gathered together to talk through the changes ahead, with a focus on the centrally coordinated, geographically dispersed model.

The group took the opportunity to deep-dive into the Pulse Survey results and workshop what they can control and influence.

Approximately 35 people attended.

National Directors announced

Jeff Davey, Group Executive Mission Enterprises is pleased to announce the following National Director appointments that have been made within Mission Enterprises.

Ross Lamb, National Director Salvos Legal


Ross has over 25 years of executive and senior leadership experience in the professional services, corporate and legal sectors.

Most recently Ross held the role of Chief Financial Officer of the Salvation Army, Eastern Territory. Prior to this he held senior leadership and operational roles in two national litigation and commercial law firms and was Chief Financial Officer and Director, Corporate Finance of Ernst &Young Australia.

Ross is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia, the Australian Institute of Managers and Leaders and the Australasian Legal Practice Management Association. He has completed the leadership program at Mt Eliza Business School. He has served on a number of charity and education based Boards.

Ross is CEO of Salvos Legal and Salvos Legal Humanitarian. He is currently seconded back to the role of CFO, Australia Eastern Territory whilst the first national TSA budget is being developed.

Greg Moult, National Director Employment Plus

Greg has been Managing Director of Employment Plus since January 2013. Greg has many years of experience in senior financial and leadership roles in the commercial sector, principally in the INGO, medical, rental and hire industries.

At Save the Children he was CFO and member of the international CFO transformation team, interim CEO and CFO at Marie Stopes International, and Finance Director/Company Secretary at Tech-Rentals Pty Ltd overseeing growth in Australia, NZ and Asia to become the largest scientific and electronic equipment rental and hire company in the southern hemisphere.

His roles have focussed on process improvement, implementation of finance systems, improved governance, delivering on strategy and creating business opportunities. He is a Chartered Accountant and following graduation from the University of Tasmania Greg joined KPMG in audit before working in the commercial sector.

Malcolm Pittendrigh, National Director Salvos Funerals.

Malcolm Pittendrigh first joined The Salvation Army in 1997 and has held a number of senior accounting positions over that time – at head office, divisional and enterprise level.

Following a significant review of aged care operations, Malcolm was recruited to the role of Financial Controller of The Salvation Army Aged Care Plus (late 2008) and Executive Manager – Corporate Services in 2014. The Corporate Services role was responsible for oversight of various head office functions, but principally led the finance and IT teams.

In late 2015, following extensive research into the death care sector in Australia, Malcolm took on the key lead position for Salvos Funerals and launched this new enterprise in March 2017.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), CPA (Certified Practising Accountant) and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD).

We look forward to bringing you an updated National Organisational Chart in the next National Transformation Update.

Deep Dive Morning Tea invitation

You’re invited to a Deep Dive Morning Tea to learn more about divisions and local mission delivery. Come along and hear Divisional Leaders and Area Officers talk about what they do, and how they work to support and deliver integrated and holistic mission.


  • 10am – 11 am
  • Monday 9 July or Tuesday 10 July
  • Chapel, THQ Redfern
  • Lt Colonels David & Sandra Godkin + Area Officer Major Beth Twivey


  • 10am – 11 am
  • 27 June
  • Chapel, THQ Blackburn
  • Lt. Colonels Bruce and Debra Stevens + Area Officers Gary and Julie Grant

Glen Waverley

  • 2pm – 3pm
  • 2 July
  • Room 101 and 102, THQ Glen Waverley
  • Lt. Colonels Bruce and Debra Stevens + Area Officers Gary and Julie Grant

All are welcome. For catering, please RSVP to or, with your preferred session in the subject line. You will receive confirmation via a calendar invite.

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    I think it’s great to hold a camp for officer’s kids to come together and share in fellowship, praise and worship, I hope that it will be a regular event

  • Beth Roberts
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    I like the Local Mission Delivery video, easy to understand and engage with, but find the definition of chaplaincy disappointingly inadequate, in fact inaccurate.

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