Program Update – Monday 21 May


Key Points

  • Salvos unite under National Vision
  • Get involved in this year’s Red Shield Appeal
  • A Chat with Lyn – Today!
  • Changes coming to weekly updates

Salvos unite under National Vision

Over the past month, Transition Support Team member Jo Fuller has been speaking to Divisional Leaders to gain insights into the effectiveness of the National Transformation so far.

Jo says there has been overwhelming positive feedback about the National Vision.

“Divisional leaders are reporting great awareness of the vision within their Divisions, with lots of people talking about it. There is a general sense of relief and buzz that we are all on the same page and are clear on what we stand for. They reported that there is also good alignment across mission expressions.”

Major Barry Casey, Division Commander SA/NT, says that the 6 week vision booster campaign that took place earlier this year was positively received, describing it as “a powerful opportunity for all expressions of The Salvation Army to come together and share the great stories of how they impact lives on a daily basis.”

Major Casey says that “there was a deep sense of unity. What it did was reinforce that we are one Army who are passionate about wanting to see Australia transformed – one life at a time.”

Reflecting on the work God is doing in The Salvation Army in Australia, Lieut Colonel Miriam Gluyas (Divisional Commander, NSW/ACT Division) says: “We are heading in the same direction. God is in this. These are great days for dreaming big, doing what God asks, and seeing His Kingdom advance. We honour the past, celebrate the present, and get excited about our future. It’s His dream. It’s a dream for every Salvo, and every Salvo plays a part.”

This encouraging feedback from Divisional Leaders corresponds with the Pulse Survey finding that 82% of respondents agree or strongly agree that they feel personally connected to the National Vision.

We’d love to hear stories of how the vision is being embraced and lived out where you are. Please email your stories to the Australia One Inbox.

Get involved in this year’s Red Shield Appeal

You are invited to get involved in the 2018 Red Shield Appeal!

To find out more about what’s involved and/or to register, please head to: or

Thank you to all those who are already involved!

A number of Red Shield Appeal Launch events have taken place around the country. We thank Salvo Studios for the following footage from a breakfast event that took place in Melbourne on May 3rd.

A Chat with Lyn – today!

Log on to today’s Chat with Lyn at 2.00pm – 3.00pm AEST.

To join the conversation, please head to:

Thank you to those who have already submitted questions via the A1 Inbox. If you have a question related to mission delivery that you would like Lyn to answer, please ask it during the live stream. If you’re prompted to log in, you can refer to: Chat with Lyn – Instructions to set up Livestream.

Changes to Weekly Updates

Commencing this week, the National Transformation Updates will be shifting frequency, from weekly to fortnightly.

You’ll also start to see some different content coming through as we work to bring you more stories about the difference the national transformation is making in Salvo expressions around the country.

Keeping Informed

You can keep up to date with the latest news and information about the National Transformation by visiting our website (, or reading your monthly edition of OTHERS magazine ( online or in printed copy).

You can also contact us directly through our inbox:

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