Happy Star Wars Day! – “May the 4th be with you”

I must admit that I am not a die-hard Star Wars fan, but I have seen more than half of the movies. Today, on “Star Wars” day, that line, “May the force be with you” – a line that has lingered down through the generations, since the release of the first Star Wars film in 1977 – has been on my mind.

Over recent weeks, as we have journeyed across the nation, Tracey and I have stood amazed at the work God continues to do, in and through Salvos who are actively stepping up to live, love and fight alongside others. Families, neighbourhoods, and indeed Australia is being transformed, one life at a time, with the love of Jesus.  The stories of victories and transformation are inspiring.

However, what is even more inspiring is the truth-told stories of how hard it can be to live, love and fight alongside others. To listen to officers and other Salvos talk of the long and sometimes difficult journey they have walked in coming alongside others has been a gift shared.  They have served as a reminder that behind those stories of transformation and celebration there have sometimes been months, or in some cases, years of consistent, faithful, prayerful engagement. Perhaps too often we have celebrated the victory and not often enough simply recognised and celebrated the faithfulness and commitment where the victory has not yet been fully realised.

Today, I want to stop to recognise and celebrate the tireless and faithful commitment countless Salvos are living out daily. Hours invested in activities of service, listening, praying, supporting, discovering alongside others, are often hours never seen by many, if any.  But we note that every act of love and grace, every cup shared, every prayer offered is not lost on the One who sees all things and is actively at work in the life of those with whom we journey. He is the “Force” that is not only with us, but within us.

I salute you today, you who may not be able to tell the story of a victory or transformation yet, but faithfully and obediently live, love and fight alongside others in the pattern of Jesus.  May the force of His Spirit be with you.

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