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Key Points:

  • A conversation with the chaplains to THQ Redfern
  • Welcome to new HoDs

A conversation with the chaplains to THQ Redfern 

Did you know that there are chaplains available to support staff and officers at THQ Redfern, THQ Blackburn and THQ Glen Waverley? This week in our National Transformation Update, Claire Hill (Communications Coordinator, Transition Support Team) chats with Majors Bruce and Glenys Domrow, chaplains at THQ Redfern, to find out what they do and why they’re passionate about it.

CH: Thanks for chatting with us today! To start us off, could you please tell us what your role at THQ Redfern is?

BD: We are the chaplains, which really means we are a listening ear for people. We are here so that people can share in a confidential space. We come alongside and support.

CH: As Christian chaplains, do you try to steer all conversations towards the topic of Jesus?  

BD: No, there is no overt Christian push and we don’t pray with people who don’t want prayer.

GD: We are just people who care about other people and want to show our love in that way.

CH: What if a staff member does want to explore faith or be prayed for? Can they contact you about that?

GD: By all means. We have been corps officers for 20 years, training college officers for 10 years. That’s what we love. But we don’t want people to feel stifled by that.

BD: We come with no agendas, just a listening ear.

CH: Where and when do you meet people?

GD: We can meet you wherever you want to be met: in privacy somewhere in the building, across the road at the park, wherever you would like.

BD: We’re only in the office two days per week because we have another role, but we are always available on the phone and our days at THQ are flexible.

CH: One last question. What excites you about your role?

GD: For me, it’s being able to do something to help lift somebody up.

BD: I see so many people here from different walks of life, different nationalities and everyone’s working hard. They are all playing a part in The Salvation Army. It excites me to be one small component of a person’s journey.

Chaplains to THQ Redfern: Major Bruce Domrow (0411 256 419), Major Glenys Domrow (0423 290 801)

Chaplain to THQ Blackburn: Major Winton Knop (03 88782319 or 0439033176)

Chaplains to THQ Glen Waverley: Major Len Turner (0418 383 045), Major Winton Knop (03 88782319/0439033176)

Welcome to new HoDs

Lt Colonel Lisa Venables, National Head of Centre for Restoration

Lt Colonel Lisa Venables has been appointed to the role of National Head of Centre for Restoration, Office of the National Secretary for Personnel, with a commencement date of April 23 2018.

Lisa has over thirty years’ experience as a Salvation Army Officer in a variety of roles. In addition to sixteen years as a corps officer, Lisa has fulfilled the role of Pastoral Care Officer, Divisional Secretary for Women’s Ministries, Territorial Officer Development Secretary, Divisional Leader and most recently Director of Pastoral Care.

She has studied Clinical Pastoral Education, Pastoral Counselling and has a Master of Social Science/Human Services Counselling degree.

Lisa has been described by her colleagues as a personable, insightful and compassionate leader.

Matt Davis, National Director, Salvos Stores

Matt has been the CEO of Salvos Stores (AUS) since January 2016. He and his team have achieved record growth in customers and financial returns and have seen Salvo Stores achieve a closer alignment with the broader Salvation Army.

Matt’s previous experience has included responsibility for strategy, sales and marketing, finance and administration, logistics and retail operations within World Vision and other organisations.

Matt has had a life-long involvement with The Salvation Army at a corps level. Having engaged in a wide variety of ministries, including community outreach, music, youth-work, fundraising and local board leadership, Matt has a strong working knowledge of the culture and practice of the ‘Army’ in its various expressions around Australia.

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