Alongside Others

“I had nothing left when I walked through the door of The Salvation Army.  When I walked out of the door later that day, I had a whole Army behind me.”

Over the last ten weeks as Tracey and I have criss-crossed the nation, as part of the Vision Booster Campaign, we have had the privilege of sitting and listening to one “alongside others” story after another, but that statement from one woman sharing her story in a united public meeting summed them all up.   Salvos living, loving and fighting alongside others.

As we reflect on the interactions we have shared over the weeks of this campaign we stand in awe of the selfless and sacrificial engagement of Salvos who are living our vision on a daily basis.  What has been most inspiring has been the engagement with individuals choosing to own the vision as a personal vision – sometimes living it out through their ministry team, corps, employment or volunteer service in a program or shop, but time after time, living our vision when no one is arranging a program, and no one else is watching.

As Vision Commitment cards continue to pour in, we are witnessing Salvos committed to sharing the love of Jesus in postcode after postcode. Recently I heard again about the ripple-impact that one changed life makes. After fourteen years fighting his addictions on his own, one man told his story of coming to the Salvos and finding support in his fight. His fight has led to victory over his addiction and has resulted in him being reunited with his two-year old daughter. His life changed as Salvos came alongside him – but more than that, his little girl’s world is changed forever. Changing Australia one life at a time, rippling out to other lives experiencing transformation.

The Vision Booster Campaign coincided with the weeks leading from Christmas to Easter.  From the celebration of the birth of Jesus, to the final words before his death at Calvary – “It is Finished”, the living, loving and fighting Christ who chose to come alongside has given us an example.  The power of the Love of God, which held Christ to the cross, and raised him from the dead, is still at work transforming lives across Australia – and we have the privilege of being partners with him as we come alongside others.

Tracey and I continue to count it a privilege to be ‘partners in the Gospel’ (Philippians 1:3-5) with such an amazing team of Salvos who embrace the gift of God to join with him in his life changing mission.  We challenge Salvos across the nation to ask one another – “What have you done today to transform one life?” You can, and are doing it! So celebrate and continue to anticipate what happens as we continue to share the love of Jesus.

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