Program Update – Monday 19 March

Key Points:

  • A Chat with Lyn
  • Have you signed your vision commitment card?
  • Moving into new leadership roles

A Chat with Lyn  

Over the coming months, in a series of live, online chats Lt. Colonel Lyn Edge will provide brief updates on Mission Delivery (including the Social Program Review, Local Mission Delivery Operating Model and Mission Department Design). All are welcome – Officers, staff and volunteers throughout Australia. You will have plenty of opportunity to ask your questions…no question will be off limits!

You can watch a play-back of the first of the online chats here:

Have you signed your vision commitment card?

If you haven’t completed a vision commitment card yet, it is not too late! If you prefer to sign a digital version, you can do this at:

Please don’t forget to post the torn-off segments of your hardcopy cards to:

Vision Commitment, The Salvation Army

PO BOX A435, Sydney South NSW 1235

We will use the postcodes to produce a visual representation of where Salvos have committed to the vision nationwide.

Moving into new leadership roles

Lt-Colonel Laurie Robertson, National Head of Editorial, Publishing & Broadcasting (Editor-in-Chief)

Office of the National Secretary for Communications

Prior to commencing officer training in 1978, Laurie was a journalist in Broken Hill. In his 38 years of officership he has served as a corps officer and divisional commander, and has also held territorial, national and international roles, including Territorial Program Secretary, National Editor-in-Chief, and International Communications Secretary, Editor-in-Chief and Literary Secretary. Laurie takes up his new appointment on April 4 2018.

Major Brad Halse, National Head of Government Relations

Office of the National Secretary for Communications

Major Brad Halse has served as an officer for nearly 38 years. His service has included four corps and social appointments, and one term as a Divisional Social Programme Secretary. His territorial appointments have included Territorial Director of Aged Care Services and Territorial Communications Director.

Following five years of service as Territorial Government Relations Director, Major Halse was appointed to International Headquarters, London, where he served as Communications Secretary for The Salvation Army’s international leadership. He returned to Australia midway through 2017 and has since served as Assistant National Communications Secretary. Major Brad Halse commences his new appointment on April 4 2018.

Colonel Graeme Rigley, Executive Officer, Mission Strategy

Mission Enterprises

Prior to entering the Salvation Army Training College in 1986 Colonel Graeme Rigley was a practising medical practitioner.

As Salvation Army Officers, Graeme and his wife Karyn have held corps, divisional, territorial training college and International Headquarters appointments.

Since 2015 Graeme has been the Territorial Chief Secretary for the Australia Southern Territory.

Graeme begins his new appointment today.

Liz Cruickshank, National Head of Governance and Risk

Office of the National Assistant Chief Secretary

Liz’ background has been in the legal profession, state government and risk management.

Highlights of her career have been Director, Centre for Restoration, RPC Contract Manager for Manus Island, Risk Management Consultant for Freehills and managing an Act through the Victorian Parliament.

Liz says: “I am a passionate lover of Christ and I am compelled by the love of Christ to see the mission of The Salvation Army supported by good business practice.”

Liz will commence in her new role on April 3, 2018.

Keeping Informed

You can keep up to date with the latest news and information about our national transformation by visiting our website (, or reading your monthly edition of OTHERS magazine ( online or in printed copy).

You can also contact us directly through our inbox:

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