Program Update – Monday 5 March

Key Points:

  • Watch last week’s Strategy & Roadmap Staff Gatherings
  • #Livelovefight
  • Watch Living Our Vision sermons
  • Applications for 2018 Fellows Program open April 4
  • National Policy Framework update

Watch last week’s Strategy & Roadmap Staff Gatherings 

Thank you to everyone who attended the Strategy and Roadmap Staff Gatherings last week, both in person and via the livestream.

Share feedback

To help us continually improve our communications with you, we’d be grateful if you could complete a three question survey about last week’s gatherings. Please click on the relevant link below.



Staff information pack

A staff information pack, containing the information that was presented at the gatherings, will be available this week.


Throughout the Vision Booster campaign so far, hundreds of #livelovefight stories have been shared. Wherever you are in The Salvation Army Australia, we encourage you to continue to share photos and stories of what live, love, fight looks like in your setting. On social media, we encourage you to use the hashtag #livelovefight. Not sure how? A Hashtag Cheat Sheet is available for download from the Vision Booster pack.

Watch Living Our Vision sermons

Do you know of someone who cannot make it to a worship service but would love to watch the Vision Booster sermons?

Throughout the series, North Brisbane Corps is producing high quality videos of the sermons. Please click below to watch the first four sermons, or visit North Brisbane Corps Youtube Channel to watch more Living Our Vision sermons in the weeks ahead.

Living Our Vision Sermon – Week 1

Living Our Vision Sermon – Week 2

Living Our Vision Sermon – Week 3

Living Our Vision Sermon – Week 4

Applications for 2018 Fellows Program open April 4

What would you do with up to $5000 towards your professional development?

The Salvation Army Fellows Program offers employees, officers and volunteers of The Salvation Army a scholarship of up to $5000 to be used towards professional development. This scholarship can be used to fund further study, enrol in a training course, sign up to attend a conference or begin a research project.

The Fellows Program, sponsored by Aged Care Plus, is open to every employee, officer and volunteer of The Salvation Army.

Applications for the Fellows Program open on April 4. Apply via the MySalvos website:

National Policy Framework

The National Policy Management Framework is a new, national approach to ensure that, as we move towards operating as a national territory, all new and existing policies are developed, adopted, implemented and reviewed consistently across The Salvation Army Australia.

Please click here for more information 

Keeping Informed

You can keep up to date with the latest Australia One news and information by visiting the Australia One website (, or your monthly edition of OTHERS magazine ( online or in printed copy).

You can also raise any questions you may have with your manager, either at your regular team meeting or outside of those meetings.

You can print a copy of this Program Update by using your internet browser’s print function.

You can also contact us directly through the Australia One email inbox:

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