Harnessing the power of the wave

“What the lord gives us is the wisdom to conceive and the courage to believe. He will give us the power to achieve.” – Lord John Ogilvie

Having access to some of the world’s most iconic beaches isn’t a privilege Tracey and I have had for the large majority of our lives. Idyllic inland seas and snow-capped mountain tops, yes, but beaches, no. So whenever we have some downtime, more often than not, we like to head to the closest surf beach. With the mercury rising well above 30 in most parts of the country over recent weeks, what better conditions to get amongst the sand and surf!

We spent the last weekend at Geelong for some study time and reflection in preparation for the upcoming weeks of Vision Booster visits across the nation.  Of course we had to take advantage of the great weather and nearby beaches, and in the process, discovered a new activity: the art of riding waves. Specifically, boogie boarding. I realise that it’s not necessarily an activity you would associate with a couple of Salvation Army Officers who have been serving in Officership for the last 31 years, most of that in Canada – but we loved it!

It wasn’t always a pretty sight for those observing our progress. Yes, there were absolutely some salt-water swallowing moments and tumbles off the board, but the greater lesson in this pursuit was learning to ride the wave. To be honest, our best learning came from watching three young kids master the art. Waves are a powerful force; they can throw you around and spit you out. Learning to join the wave at precisely the right moment to harness its energy to propel us forward and into the shore (without falling off!) was quite exhilarating when we got it right.

As I have referenced in my blog in months past about the metaphorical use of the ‘wave’ by our founder, washing over humanity as they experience the all-inclusive, redeeming love of Christ – we must learn to ride the wave of God’s spirit across The Salvation Army. As we approach these last months of our journey towards becoming a united Salvation Army Australia Territory, we are learning together how to watch for, successfully converge and ride the waves together. When we experience riding the perfect wave all the way from its peak, through the barrel, and into the shallows – we will know we have fully embraced the opportunity God has granted each of us to re-position this movement for all He had in mind to be one Salvation Army in Australia.

In Luke’s gospel we read that “His mercy flows in wave after wave on those who are in awe before him” (Luke 1:20 MSG), teaching each of us to keep our eyes high in anticipation of God’s awesome and compelling plan for us and our Army here in this nation.

As the new national leadership team we met this week to learn, grow and develop as a group, spending time in prayer and Scripture throughout the week. May I encourage each of you to keep our Cabinet Secretaries and Divisional Leaders in your prayers as they seek to ride the waves of transition in every aspect of our movement.

The mighty power of a wave is a force of nature. May The Salvation Army in Australia be a mighty force of God to transform Australia one life at a time with even greater impact today and all the days that follow.

  • anon
    Posted at 13:47h, 05 February Reply

    “His mercy flows in wave after wave on those who are in awe before him” is actually Luke 1:50, not 20. It also refers to the blessing of Christ to generations to come. A blessing we already have, rather than one we need to anticipate.

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