Program Update – Monday 11 December

Key Points:

  • The Mission Delivery Operating Model has been approved
  • THQ Vision Briefing can now be watched online
  • New Group Executive – Mission Enterprises


The Mission Delivery Operating Model is now approved!

The Mission Delivery Operating Model (MDOM) was endorsed by the Australia One Steering Committee on December 7.

The new Operating Model, ratified by IHQ, presents new opportunities for innovation and collaboration in the delivery of our missional work.

The model articulates how mission is carried out at the frontline and defines the structure for how mission delivery is supported.

The development of the model has been driven by a single overriding principle: “Holistic, integrated mission is a defining part of The Salvation Army’s DNA.”

Key aspects of the new model are as follows:

  • Area Officers will lead Local Mission Delivery, and be accountable for local missional outcomes.
  • Integration of Mission Delivery will be facilitated by an ‘Area Leadership Team’, which will bring together expression leaders in that geographical area for the benefit of the community.
  • The Mission Department will be centrally coordinated and set standards, governance and compliance requirements for Mission expressions.
  • Social Program expression leaders and Chaplains will continue to be line managed by subject matter experts but will work with Area Officers to deliver local missional outcomes
  • Provision of Business Support, Personnel and Communications will be centrally coordinated.

An Implementation Working Group, sponsored by Lieutenant Colonel Lyn Edge has been formed to support the implementation of the new model, which will commence in January 2018 and continue in phases throughout the year.

We look forward to sharing more details of the Mission Delivery Operating Model in upcoming Australia One Program Updates.

Vision Briefing available online

In November Commissioner Floyd Tidd facilitated Vision Briefing sessions at both THQ locations. A video recording of the Sydney session is now available to view on the Australia One website.

Introduction to Group Executive – Mission Enterprises

Mr Jeff Davey – Group Executive, Mission Enterprises

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Jeff Davey to the role of Group Executive – Mission Enterprises.

Jeff was the CEO of Baptcare Victoria & Tasmania for almost a decade and has most recently served as the director of a management consulting division of a medium sized Chartered Accounting practice that helps human services providers adapt to change.

Jeff is excited about working with The Salvation Army because it offers the opportunity for him to use his commercial, managerial and leadership skills in a mission context.

Jeff will commence in the role on Monday 29th January.

Keeping Informed

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You can also raise any questions you may have with your manager, either at your regular team meeting or outside of those meetings.

You can also contact us directly through the Australia One email inbox: (AUS) (AUE)

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  • David Woodburty
    Posted at 17:56h, 11 December Reply

    Who are what are “expression leaders”.

    I find these weekly updates so technical and full of wordy and generally unintelligible jargon, that they are near incomprehensible to the average person.

    I would suggest that many Salvationists have simply tuned out and no longer read them or have any interest.

    At a recent committee meeting. I was chairing there was a collective sigh of relief when I confessed that I had a problem trying to understand this sort of communication from Army leadership.

  • Pam Stamos
    Posted at 09:03h, 12 December Reply

    The Anglican Church in Australia has seven theological colleges, Moore College in Sydney, Trinity College in Melbourne, St. Barnabus in Adelaide and Wollaston Theological College in Perth to name four.
    The Baptist Church in Australia has three Theological Colleges, Morling College in Sydney, Whitley Baptist College of Victoria and the Victoria Baptist College.
    The Uniting Church in Australia has at least three colleges, United Theological College in North Parramatta (NSW), Pilgrim Theological College in Victoria and the Trinity College in Queensland to name three.
    The Salvation Army has two theological Colleges in Australia. Eva Burrow College, Melbourne Campus and Eva Burrow College, Sydney Campus, which is in the process of forming one college in two locations.
    This is clearly a step backwards in the growth of The Salvation Army in Australia. Theological Colleges need to be valued as a vital tool in the ministry of the Gospel. The Lord has grown Booth College in Sydney into an amazing treasure for His Kingdom. The Lord has blessed it with wonderful facilities and a great location. The Salvation Army has supported its growth by pouring effort, resources and prayer into it. The Lord has blessed this.
    Recently in a misguided attempt to save money the Salvation Army has gradually withdrawn much of its support and redirected many off its resources into the Melbourne campus. Continuing to go down this path of withdrawing support to the College in Sydney is leaving the College a shell of its former self. The amount of resources, prayers and love which has gone into the growth of the college is coming to nought. Is that God honouring? Is that valuing His treasure? Is that really what God wants or is this a huge waste of money? There are many, many ways to save money. This is not one.

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