Final transitional structure

The transitional structure for the Victoria Division is now finalised, incorporating all known factors at this time. This structure will ensure we can operative effectively as one Victoria division from 10 January 2018.

View our latest #VicOneTSA fact sheet which provides information regarding the Victoria Division consolidation including:

  • Final Victoria Division transitional structures;
  • Consolidation of Youth and Children’s Ministries activities;
  • Consolidation of Administration functions;
  • New reporting lines for Corps-based Social/ Doorways;
  • Transition of Public Relations and Fundraising Teams to the existing Territorial department; and
  • Key dates for the implementation including the last Divisional Finance Board.

As part of the changes to the Victoria Division, we thank and say farewell to the following team members for their contribution to the existing divisional teams:

  • Youth and Children’s Ministry: Anna Goodluck (EVD) and Jayden Battey (EVD). We also thank Captain Bronwyn Wood (WVD), Captain Susan Lamotte (EVD) and Lieutenant Lauren Kirkham (EVD) who move into new appointments as part of the general change.
  • Administration: Ros Fishman (WVD), Bridie Roper (WVD), Lucy Bovezza (CVD) and Grace Pilley (EVD).
  • Public Relations and Fundraising: Captain Craig Wood (WVD) who moves as part of the general change announcements.

Please note, this transitional structure does not include reference to State Social Command Victoria (SSCV). SSCV will gradually transition into the Victoria Division structure throughout 2018.

Please direct all queries about the VicOneTSA via email to:

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