Program Update – Tuesday 03 October


Key Points:

  • We check in with the high level Roadmap announced in July



Roadmap Check-in

At the end of July, we announced the high-level Roadmap, an indicative timeline that included the order and sequence of departments as they commence the department design (referred to as “detailed design” on the high-level roadmap) and implementation phases of their Australia One Journey. Whilst work continues across the various streams of the Australia One Program, in our program update this week we pause to check-in and see where things are up to with the high-level Roadmap.

Click Here to view the high-level Roadmap announced in July.

We’ve included in this update, departments where work has already commenced (or will shortly commence) as indicated on the high-level Roadmap. Updates for Departments that are indicated to commence department design from Q1 2018 will be provided closer to their start date.

The progress of each department is indicated with a series of icons each marking key milestones, including Department Scoping, National HoD (Head of Department) in Place, Department Design, Org Structure Implementation and System & Process Implementation.

What is Department Scoping?

Department Scoping – a separate process to department design – is where the primary role, dependencies and key functions of a department are determined. This process allows for a position description for the Head of Department to be written, ready for the recruitment process to begin. As mentioned with the release of the high-level Roadmap, once a Head of Department is in place, a department is ready to commence the department design phase.

Enterprise Project Management Office

The department scoping for the Enterprise Project Management Office (EMPO) is now complete, with recruitment ready to commence for the National Head of Department.


Governance & Compliance/Audit & Risk

The department scoping for Governance & Compliance and Audit & Risk will commence shortly. The scoping for both of these departments will determine whether a single ‘Governance, Compliance, Audit & Risk’ department is designed, or whether Governance & Compliance and Audit & Risk remain two separate departments, as indicated on the high-level Roadmap.



With a National Head of Department in place, the College department design has commenced.

Human Resources

With a National Head of Department in place in late October, Human Resources department design will commence in November.



With a National Head of Department in place from 2 October Finance department design will commence in October.



With a National Head of Department in place, the department design for IT has commenced. 



With a National Head of Department starting in early November, Property department design will commence later in 2017.


Government Relations


With a National Head of Department in place, Government Relations department design will commence shortly.


Aged Care Plus

Department design for Aged Care Plus is ready to start.




Keeping Informed

You can keep up to date with the latest Australia One news and information by visiting the Australia One website (, or in your monthly edition of OTHERS magazine ( online or in printed copy).

You can also contact us directly through the Australia One email inbox: (AUS) (AUE)


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  • Pam Stamos
    Posted at 10:44h, 03 October Reply

    Who made the decision to send Higher Education down to Melbourne and why? Booth College in Sydney was doing such a good job and had so many excellent people teaching and servicing theological students alongside the Sydney based cadets. Who made such a decision? Whoever did make the decision to choose Melbourne over Sydney did they first take a good look at what was happening in Sydney or did they just choose Melbourne because that was where everything else is going. It is all so sad, the huge value and treasure that has been lost. In the future we will have huge regrets.

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