Program Update – Monday 25 September


Key Points:

  • The Mission Delivery Operating Model Proof of Concept is underway in South West NSW
  • A Vision Facilitator’s weekend was held in Geelong, Victoria
  • The Eva Burrows College is inaugurated on 13 September 2017



Australia One Update

Mission Delivery Operating Model

The detailed design phase of the Mission Delivery Operating Model continues to progress, with the Proof of Concept in South West NSW now running, and the Proof of Concept in Brisbane getting ready to commence on 12 October.

The Mission Delivery Operating Model Working Group has already begun to draw key learnings from the work being done in the Proof of Concept areas, assisting the group to better understand how the key roles in the operating model will best work together to facilitate mission delivery across all mission expressions.

Vision Mobilisation

Work in the Vision space also continues as we progress the Vision mobilisation design, mentioned in the 28 August Australia One Program Update.

Since the last update, two Proof of Concept sessions were held at the (previously named) Catherine Booth College on the 11th and 12th of September, where we tested the design and delivery of our ‘Living our Vision’ and ‘Leading our Vision’ initiatives; two key events to be held as we mobilise our Vision across Australia. The Proof of Concepts provided a number of key learnings which have been  applied to the design of both events.

With the final design completed, we have now reached a key milestone in our Vision mobilisation journey, with the Vision Facilitator’s Weekend being held at the Geelong Conference Centre in Victoria over the  22 – 24 September weekend. This weekend saw 33 Vision Facilitators – a group comprising Salvos from across Australia – come together to be trained, equipped and inspired as they prepare to go out and facilitate ‘Leading our Vision’ events to leaders across our National Territory.



Eva Burrows College

Last week saw an important and exciting update from Lt. Col. Kelvin Merrett, National Cabinet Secretary for Personnel, with the announcement of the name of our new National College, The Eva Burrows College.

Named for one of our most popular and celebrated Australian Salvationists – holding the highest rank of General – The Eva Burrows College was officially ratified on 13 September 2017 by National Commander, Commissioner Floyd Tidd and National Chief Secretary Colonel Mark Campbell, alongside Professor Peter Sherlock of the University of Divinity, in a signing ceremony at Territorial Headquarters in Sydney. Eva’s legacy of leadership and education will unite the students, faculties and schools of Booth College in Sydney and Catherine Booth College in Melbourne as they become a single entity.

General Burrows’ passion for the education of Officers has left an indelible impact, and we know her spirit will continue to live in all staff and cadets of the College in the future.

We will continue to keep you informed as we work towards final integration of the national training colleges as we usher in a new chapter in Salvationist theological, ministry and leadership training.


Keeping Informed

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  • Pam Stamos
    Posted at 20:40h, 28 September Reply

    Who made the decision to send Higher Education down to Melbourne and why? Booth College in Sydney was doing such a good job and had so many excellent people teaching and servicing theological students alongside the Sydney based cadets. Who made such a decision? Whoever did make the decision to choose Melbourne over Sydney did they first take a good look at what was happening in Sydney or did they just chose Melbourne because that was where everything else is going. It is all so sad, the huge value and treasure that has been lost. In the future we will have huge regrets.

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