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In your life you’ve no doubt had one of those ‘hit you right between the eyes’ or ‘make your heart stop’ moments. Well I’ve had a few in my life and throughout the Australia One journey, but the most recent such moment occurred earlier this week. Someone had unknowingly set me up. At the end of a day in the office, I was walking across the floor on my way out and was caught by a quote written with a black texta on butcher paper taped to a meeting room door.

     “It may be nearly impossible to bring about change in a system or organisation without changing ourselves (at least somewhat.)”  Kegan/Lahey.

A great quote.  An appropriate quote for the journey of Australia One.  A pace-setting quote for those entering the room for the various meetings that have and would occur in that space.  Then it ‘hit me right between the eyes’.  My heart was stopped.

Over these recent months its seems change has become the norm.  “Change is the new constant” as someone recently reminded me whilst reflecting on their own experience.

Our new national vision statement affirms our commitment to change – ‘transforming Australia one life at a time’. We affirm that Salvos will live, love and fight alongside others to see that transformation happen. In coming weeks Salvos across the breadth and depth of the movement will be invited into a national conversation, locally held, focussed upon “Living Our Vision”. We’ll be considering what it will mean for you and I in our local context as Salvos to step into the places of hardship and injustice, to live, love and fight alongside others to see change happen, transforming Australia one life at a time with the love of Jesus. We are about transformation.  We believe transformation can happen.  We will work together as partners with God and one another in seeing Australia transformed one life at a time. I am confident in this and committed to that very end.

But there in front of me, written in black texta on butcher’s paper – the invitation!  To step into this new space as an organisation committed to seeing change happen is not an isolated invitation to the macro experience.  The invitation has been put before me to step into a new space for myself – to open myself to own that which I believe is possible for the nation, one life at a time.  I am, as you are, ‘one life’ in Australia that God has in mind to do work in as he transforms Australia.  The micro and personal experience of transformation beckons.

I pass on the invitation – consider yourself invited into the new space God has in mind for you.  Change is happening – happening all around us.  We will work together to manage the change to the highest outcomes for The Salvation Army, that we might be the most effective Army we can be, and an Army that is available for God’s mission.  Let’s not miss however the invitation to the change within – to be part of the transformation of Australia, to be one of the lives transformed by the ongoing work of God as an expression of the love of Jesus.


  • Pam Stamos
    Posted at 12:43h, 29 August Reply

    Maybe if Cadets had a choice of studying in Melbourne or Sydney you would get more cadets

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