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Living Our Vision

I was reminded this week of the depth and breadth of the journey Salvos across Australia embarked upon that led to the articulation of the national vision statement for The Salvation Army in Australia.  Following 100 days of Unending Prayer, and a subsequent 100 days of Shared Scripture, over 2500 Salvos from across Australia opened their hearts, minds and voices to collaborate in a divinely led project to discover and articulate our national vision statement.

Now, as the creative team are developing the “Living our Vision” toolkit, there is a growing anticipation that as this army of salvation aligned together across the nation identify and commit to locally ‘living our mission’, God will accomplish a new thing in and through The Salvation Army, and we will see Australia transformed one life at a time.

I stood recently along the shoreline and watched the waves roll in, return to the sea and roll back again to cover the beach sand under my feet.  The Australia One vision journey has been in many ways like the waves along the shoreline.  The movement began with the wave of people leaning toward God in prayer and Scripture, listening ever so carefully to the whispering voice of the Captain of this Army.   The movement continued with the gathering together of the voices coming from across distances together in a wave of expectation and divine hope, capturing our vision for His Army and Australia.  And now the wave rolls back to where it came from, to communities across the nation, carrying with it the elements and energy of holy anticipation. The wave washes over the places of hardship and injustice, as Salvos live, love and fight alongside others to see this work of God realised and Australia transformed.

I am convinced the tide is now flowing.  We are touching the waves. We are hearing the loud call of the mighty to save. It is time for bold moves! Bold moves require bold faith, so let our faith grow bolder.

With each wave rolling in, the tide is flowing. Let’s not linger along the shore watching the waves. Let’s take the plunge and live our vision – the vision God has given to us for such a time as this in Australia.

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