Program Update – Monday 7 August


Key Points:

  • Invest’ leadership blog and support site is now live
  • Take a look at an overview of Australia One next steps and activities over the next 18 months



The first week of August has been an historic one on our Australian One journey with some of our Territorial Leaders completing their appointments, and new National Leaders commencing them. This has been marked with the first meeting of Australia One Steering Committee with many new National Cabinet Secretaries in attendance.

Australia One – Next Steps

The high-level Roadmap announced at the July “Town Hall” meetings focused on major work being undertaken by the Australia One Program over the next 18 months. In addition to the activities detailed in the Roadmap, work also continues in the areas of Vision, Strategy, Governance and Mission Delivery. The image below shows the indicative timelines and “next steps” for each of these areas of work over the next 18 months and also formed part of the Australia One presentation to IHQ last month.


‘Invest’ Resource for Leaders

The ‘Invest: Leading People Through Transformation’ blog and support site is now live.

Large-scale organisational change can be a difficult process for anyone to navigate, but for those in positions of leadership, the added responsibility of leading and supporting others through the change – whilst grappling with it themselves – can make your role extra challenging.

‘Invest’ has been created to provide leaders with helpful ideas, resources, tools and contacts to better enable them to lead themselves and their teams through change.

Visit the ‘Invest’ website at

July “Town Hall” Video Available

A video of the July “Town Hall” announcements is now available through the Australia One Website (resources). The video contains footage of the announcements made by Colonels Mark and Julie Campbell and Australia One Program Director Geoff Rickard.

You can access the video and the slide deck from the presentation at:

Keeping Informed

You can keep up to date with the latest Australia One news and information by visiting the Australia One website (, or in your monthly edition of OTHERS magazine ( online or in printed copy).

You can also contact us directly through the Australia One email inbox: (AUS) (AUE)

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