Program Update – Monday 10 July


Key Points:

  • Work will soon commence on the consolidation of the Victorian Division, sponsored by the recently appointed Victorian State Commander, Lt. Col. Bruce Stevens.
  • Commissioners Floyd and Tracey Tidd and Australia One Program Director Geoff Rickard head to London this week to update IHQ on the Australia One Program, and present the steps for the next 18 months.


Divisional Consolidation

On the 16th of May, an announcement was made following approval from IHQ to implement an Australia Territory Divisional structure comprising six divisions.

Currently, the Eastern Territory operates with two state-based divisions (NSW/ACT and QLD), and the Southern Territory operates with a combination of state-based divisions (TAS, WA and SA), three intra-state geographic corps-based divisions (VIC), and a state based Social Command which functions as the equivalent to a division. Given the smaller mission footprint in the Northern Territory, this is classified as a region.

The transition to a structure comprising six divisions as approved by IHQ will require the consolidation of the four existing Victorian divisions into a single division. Work will commence shortly on the ‘learn’ phase for the new configuration. This work will be sponsored by the recently appointed Victoria State Commander, Lt. Col. Bruce Stevens, who takes up his appointment on 1 August 2017.

The Victorian Divisional consolidation will be run as a project within the Australia One program. Recruitment has commenced for a project manager, who will assemble a project team to support Lt. Col. Bruce Stevens with the development and delivery of this significant piece of work. The project team will engage key stakeholders across the existing Victorian divisions to inform the detailed design who will bring divisional subject matter expertise to this work. As previously communicated, this work brings us closer to our plan to be operating as a single division by January 2018.

As we gradually implement the new structure, foremost will be ensuring that mission delivery within the divisions is not compromised during this period of transition.


July Visit to International Headquarters (IHQ) in London

This week sees Commissioners Floyd and Tracey Tidd, and the A1 Program Director, Geoff Rickard, travel to IHQ in London to meet with the International Management Committee. The purpose of the visit is to provide the Committee with an update on the Australia One Program, outline the major transition activities for the program over the next 18 months and seek the necessary approvals from IMC approval.

The transition activities to be covered in the presentation include:

  • Mobilising the Army around our new Australia Territory Vision
  • Developing an Australia Territory Strategic Plan
  • Transitioning to our Australia Territory Governance Model
  • Transitioning to a new Australia Territory Operating Model
  • Unifying Territorial Departments under a National Organisation (roadmap)
  • Ongoing developments in the implementation of our Gender Equity Plan
  • Designing a framework for a National School for Officer Training.

At the end of July, we will hold a Town Hall announcement in each THQ to provide an update on the outcomes and subsequent approvals from IHQ. This will also see the announcement of the high level roadmap which will outline key milestones and indicative timings for the next 18 months.

Stay tuned for upcoming Australia One Program Updates as we will be taking a detailed look at what the presentation of the roadmap will and won’t mean, and what you can expect from the announcement at the end of July.


Keeping Informed

You can keep up to date with the latest Australia One news and information by visiting the Australia One website (, or in your monthly edition of OTHERS magazine ( online or in printed copy).

You can also contact us directly through the Australia One email inbox: (AUS) (AUE)

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