Program Update – Monday 26 June


Key Points:

  • The announcement of two additional appointments sees the finalisation of our Senior Leadership Team
  • We provide a detailed snapshot of the finalised Senior Leadership Team with a completed organisational chart
  • The reference group mentioned in our 26 June Program Update has been confirmed and will hold an initial work shop next week to commence work on the detail design of the mission expression aspects of our new operating model


Announcement of Additional Appointments

This week sees the finalisation of a new Senior Leadership Team with the announcement of the following two appointments, effective 1 January 2018:

  • National Secretary for Spiritual Life Development – Cpt. Lance Jeffrey
  • Assistant National Secretary for Women’s Ministries – Cpt. Anne Jeffrey

In light of the appointment of Col. Julie Campbell as the Advocate for Gender Equity, the position of Assistant National Secretary for Women’s Ministries will assume the responsibilities normally carried by the National Secretary for Women’s Ministries, working directly with the National President of Women’s Ministries. This appointment will release Col. Julie Campbell to focus on her additional appointment as Advocate for Gender Equity.


Organisational Chart for the Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team comprises the National Commander, Territorial President for Women’s Ministries, Cabinet and wider Cabinet members. The Senior Leadership Team will be responsible for managing implementation and delivery of Board approved strategy and compliance with Board approved policy


Our Operating Model and Mission

The objectives of the Australia One Program are to provide a structure for The Salvation Army to deliver our Mission to all Australians by having aligned vision, increased innovation, united voice, stronger partnerships, better stewardship and greater impact.

The Salvation Army is a Christian movement whose Mission is to share the love of Jesus by caring for people, creating faith pathways, building healthy communities, and working for justice; and our new Operating Model will allow us to fulfil this Mission.

As outlined in the May 1 announcement, to effectively deliver our Mission, the Operating Model has three key features:

  • promotes the delivery of holistic mission by unifying Corps and Social Programs into one function.
  • fosters specialist knowledge and shares this expertise between Territorial and local leaders through the Mission Support Team and its Centre of Excellence and Innovation (CEI)
  • delivers quality and efficiencies by centrally coordinating mission and business support services at the Territorial level.

By unifying Corps and Social Programs, providing expert leadership and mission support, driving innovation, and centrally coordinating our geographically dispersed support services, we can ensure that every expression of The Salvation Army is fully equipped to carry out our Mission.

The reference group mentioned in our 26 June Program Update has now been confirmed, and will be comprised of Lt-Col. David Godkin, Maj. Mike Coleman, Natalie O’Brien, Netty Horton, Capt. Mark Everett, Maj. Neil Clanfield, Maj. Gary Grant, Maj. Lyn Edge, Capt. Rowan Castle, Capt. Narelle Unicomb, Lt-Col. Bruce Stevens and Lt-Col. Stuart Evans.  The group will be chaired by Col. Mark Campbell and Col. Julie Campbell.

The reference group will look at the core structure of our Operating Model and how it relates to our Mission Delivery, focusing on the detailed functional analysis and organisation design for the operating model.  A key focus of the group will be to consider how the Area Officer role can best be overseen with appropriate access to strong subject matter expertise, ensuring compliance with relevant policy while promoting integrated, holistic mission.

This group will kick-off this week, meeting regularly over the next 6 months initially, accessing wider stakeholders and internal subject matter experts as needed as they work through operating model considerations.

This is an exciting time in the Australia One journey as we begin to explore a new approach to Mission and discover new ways to bring our unique differentiator of ‘holistic mission’ to life so that we can share the Love of Jesus, and transform Australia one life at a time.


Keeping Informed

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